June 17, 2018


It was an exciting evening last night at The Stratton Parsonage when we held our first evening of Pen & Paint. Author Paul Monaco (Paulo) and his lovely wife MaryEllen (Maria Elena) took us on a tour of beautiful Italy accompanied by readings from his book, The Italian chronicles of a Rogue Tourist. While enjoying a variety of Italian refreshments, we traveled from marketplace to picturesque country sides and panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who made our evening as special as we hoped it would be.

Please watch for upcoming events later this summer on Facebook and here on our website.


Lorraine aka The Gatherer

May 28, 2018

There is much to be said about on line shopping…hassle-free, convenient and numerous sites to visit for the least expensive choice. Maybe so, but on-line shopping paled yesterday to the fun, conversation and excitement that visited my shop. From the start on Sunday afternoon until well after closing time, I had the pleasure of meeting so many great folks! From stories being shared and information about our historic area (Daniel Webster monument just up the road), and outdoor activities (Appalachian Trail), visitors had as much fun as I did throughout the day. Thanks to all of you for the many appreciated comments made about my shop. 


I want to thank all of the small business owners in my area and across the USA for their dedication in continuing what sometimes looks to be a dying trade…the independently run Shoppes.  When you offer customers a place to shop that shows your passion in what you do by offering items carefully selected for their enjoyment, they will feel special in sharing your dedication with them.


In this day and age of computer technology, let’s continue to follow in the footsteps of small country shoppes born on back roads across the country that have been, and continue to be, part of our nations original foundation for over 200 years.

February 15, 2018

I'm just back from CT from a quick overnight. While away, I've had a chance to step back from the shop and think about displays and changes to celebrate Spring. It's great to come up with a new look and bring out items that have been purchased for each season. Birdhouses and nests, along with a variety of birds to add to your display, will soon be available to brighten up and add a gentle spring look to your home. Pillows, throws and runners in a variety of patterns and weaves will definitely dress any table or hutch. I love the new selection of signage (its already out) for indoor and outdoor display. I think that they are going to be popular this season so I'm hoping to add new pieces in advance of running out. 

A "Thank You" to all of you who have visited my Facebook page. Please keep it up!!!

Be back soon.

The Gatherer

February 9, 2018

Hey Friends...Yes, I’m back home. Lots of items to set up in displays, some to store until it’s a bit warmer and more yet to be delivered!


My father-in-law owned and operated a men’s clothing store in Bristol, CT (Pictured Below) back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I wonder what he would say if he saw my little endeavor. I would surely appreciate and welcome any pointers he would of shared.

I hope that some of you have the opportunity to stop by and spend a bit of time in my little oasis of urban country decor. It’s just a fun place where you can browse, look at so many unique items and chat a while. Watch for a few photos of new items.

Here is a photo of my father-in-laws store on Main Street in Bristol, CT. Boy, those were the days when store fronts ran up and down both sides of the street.

February 1, 2018

It's time for the Market Square Wholesale Show in Oaks, PA where this years Spring and Summer trends for the home, yard and garden will be on display. Without getting wordy, all I can say is that there are so many choices and decisions to make that it can be down right overwhelming!

I am hoping to bring a new line to the store. Dunrovan, out of South Carolina, has a beautiful selection of country upholstered furniture. Quality frame work and upholstery choices make each piece a beautiful addition to every home.

Country is well matched with the urban look. Metal accent pieces blend so well with the warm look of wood, colorful textured pillows, table runners and throws. On that note, I will be on the lookout to pair up country with metal to offer you choices for a look all your own.

Other finds for the home, garden and yard will be on display throughout the convention center. It's anybody's guess, even my own, what I will come home with and have on order for Spring delivery.

We are looking forward to you stopping in for a look-see at our new selections and displays.


Hope to see you soon.
Lorraine aka The Gatherer

January 26, 2018

Although Spring is still out of sight, never the less, it will soon be Spring next week when the Market Square Wholesale Show opens its doors. For buyers like myself, it will be a time to select for my shop items that are new, unique and stylish for every room in the home and garden. It’s an amazing and exciting time as well.

The new shop has so much to offer in room and lighting. It’s anyone’s guess what I’ll end up bringing home this year. But, you can be sure I’ll be on the lookout for pieces that I hope will add style and a uniqueness to anyone’s home.

Watch for posts on The Stratton Parsonage Facebook page. I’m still working (although I have help!) to figure out and remember much of the computer ins and outs. Until next time, think has to come eventually!

The Gatherer from The Stratton Parsonage